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Oriental Rug and Carpet Terms

Persian knot. Also called Senneh knot or asymmetrical rug knot. While sometimes called a Senneh knot, it should be noted that Senneh rugs use the symmetrical or Turkish knot.  The knotting pictured shows the rug knots opening to the left.  This is the most common style of Senneh knotting. Few Oriental rugs have the asymmetrical knot opening to the right.  This Senneh knot is found in many Persian workshop Oriental rugs such as those from Kashan, Qum, Kerman, Nain.

Persian Oriental rug knot
Persian Knot

Turkish knot. Also called Giordes knot or symmetrical rug knot. Found in Tabriz Oriental rugs from Iran as well as in many village rugs such as Hamadans and Heriz rugs.

Turkish Oriental rug knot
Turkish Knot


Oriental Tabriz rug

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