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Navajo Rug Glossary

Every few weeks we will post a few definitions of Navajo rug terms.  Some of these Navajo rug terms are more common than others and some are terms that are used primarily by Indian arts dealers.  The information on this page is designed to be helpful to the owner or purchaser of Navajo rugs and will include the author's interpretations and explanations in the attempt to clarify the often confusing world of Indian arts and Navajo rugs.

  • Anasazi    The Navajo term for the "ancient people," the prehistoric Indians of the southwestern America.  They were not ancestors of the Navajo.
  • Child's Blanket    A small, finely woven blanket patterned like the larger serapes but woven to smaller proportions of about 2'6" x 4'0".  Called in the trade a "Child's Blanket" because of its size.  Ironically, there is hardly a shred of evidence that any child ever wore one.
  • Chimayo    Blankets, rugs and other items woven by descendants of Basque settlers along the Rio Grande river north of Santa Fe in the area of Chimayo, NM. 

If you have any suggestions for our Navajo rug glossary, please e-mail us.

3 Navajo rugs

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