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Navajo Rug and Blanket Appraisal Services

Navajo rugs and blankets are so specialized that you need a qualified, credentialed appraiser.

Why you should choose our company to appraise your Navajo rugs and Native American Blankets:
  1. We don't buy or sell rugs. My business is the appraisal of Navajo rugs, Navajo blankets and other rugs and blankets- not buying,  selling or brokering so there is no conflict of interest.   It is duplicitous for any appraiser to appraise an item and then offer to buy it.  I don't do that so you get an objective determination of the value of your rug.  No other appraiser is in the position of being so fully immersed in the Navajo rug business that does not buy or sell rugs.   Because of this, you receive an accurate, unbiased and objective appraisal.
  2. I have been in the unique position of being able to examine a multitude of Navajo rugs and other weavings from around the world.  I examine a varying and constant flow of all types of rugs and I have the opportunity to inspect, research and study them.   That gives me a tremendous advantage over a normal Indian arts dealer who, for a large part, looks at the same rugs day after day.   Because of this unique situation, I can accurately determine the type, origin, age and value of your Navajo rugs, American Indian weavings or other area rugs.   Therefore, you receive correct information.
  3. I do business with many Navajo rug dealers across the country and regularly survey their inventories.  I can observe the quality, condition and asking price of rugs because I do regular business with these retail dealers.  The knowledge gained this way aids greatly in the appraisal your Navajo rugs or other rugs.   Your valuations will be accurate.
  4. I regularly travel to markets, trade shows, and auctions to analyze the market trends in Navajo rugs and blankets.  This knowledge is very valuable when I appraise your Navajo rugs.   Again, you receive accurate valuations.
  5. Experience.  I have over 4 decades as a rug appraiser with quality experience in the field of evaluating and appraising Navajo rugs, blankets and other rugs and I perform hundreds of written and verbal appraisals each year.   I possess a thorough knowledge of antique, old, new and contemporary rugs of all kinds.  I almost certainly have appraised a rug similar to yours, have data readily available and can complete your appraisal quickly and competently.
  6. Because, for 38 years, my company repaired and restored Navajo and blankets, I can evaluate the technical characteristics of your rugs as well as the aesthetic aspects.   I know how condition plays a factor in value because I know what it costs to restore the rug.   Again, you get accurate results.
  7. There are many ways to cover up defects to deceive the buyer but, because of my experience and knowledge, I can see if a rug has been poorly repaired or tricked up in any way.   For example, I can tell when a rug has been bleached to remove dye run or when it has been shortened or mended improperly or when a newer rug has been deceitfully made to look old.   I am not fooled by the "tricks of the trade."
  8. I am familiar with the fakes, reproductions and imitations of Navajo rug .  I can identify them based on a number of factors including the materials and the construction of the rugs.   If it is not what you think it is, I can determine what it truly is and what value it may have.   Your rugs will be correctly identified.
  9. I charge a flat fee for appraisals, not a fee based on the item's value.   If extra research is needed for a complete appraisal, there is no added charge for my time to do so.   You pay for the appraiser's knowledge - not the lack thereof, thereby saving you additional expenses.
  10. My rug appraisals follow Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and International Valuation Standards. Your appraisal will hold up under scrutiny.

Verbal Appraisals and Authentications

I can provide a verbal rug appraisal using your photos. A verbal appraisal would be appropriate if you are considering selling the rugs, are inventorying your assets or are simply curious.  I can provide the verbal appraisal by way of viewing the photos and contacting you back by phone with information on the origin, category, style or regional area along with how the rug might fit into history as well as age and value.  I can also advise as to how you might best sell the rug and what you might expect to net, if that is what you are considering.   The cost for a verbal appraisal is $58.00 for the first rug  and $48.00 for each rug thereafter.   Payment can be made with Zelle or Paypal in advance (account name: or Visa, Mastercard, Discover card and American Express.  If  you are paying by credit card, I can send an invoice from the merchant service whereby you can pay directly from that.  Venmo is also fine (account name: or @rugvalue).  An overall photo of the rug and a close-up of a corner would be all that I would probably need aside from the approximate measurements. Upon viewing the photos and looking up comparables as needed, I will call you to provide the Information and verbal appraisal.

Please understand that a verbal appraisal is not an "email appraisal."  That is, it does not include an e-mail review of our conversation.  That would fall under the category of a written appraisal whereby I provide detailed documentation.

Please contact me with any questions.



Rug Authentications
Rug athentications are part of the appraisal process but if you are looking only to determine the idenfication or authenticity of a rug, I can do that by way of viewing photos in the same way as the complete verbal appraisal.  I can determine if the rug is authentic, if it is a fake and I can determine the true origin of the rug as I do with the full verbal appraisal.  Upon viewing the photos, I can call you or, if you prefer, you can call me.   The cost for the rug authentication is the same as the full verbal appraisal that includes the identification, authentication and valuation $58.00 for the first rug and $48.00 thereafter.
Please contact me with any questions.



Written Rug Appraisals

A written appraisal would be appropriate or necessary for insurance purposes, claims settlement, donation, equitable distribution of assets, estate settlement or documentation for future users.  In a written appraisal, I document each rug and I note the origin, category, type or regional area as well as the construction and materials and the condition of each rug with specifics.  Included is a photo, a description of the design and a list of the number of colors along with other pertinent information including the age of the rug.  I also look for comparable sales and include those as well. Depending on your needs and the items themselves, I usually base the valuation on the current replacement value (most typically it is the US retail market) as that is usually the most useful figure.  A separate computer generated page for each rug is provided along with a transmittal letter that explains the type of value and how I arrived at it.  All are bound in an 8 1/2 x 11 inch booklet and mailed to you.  I keep the digital photos, notes and a digital copy of the appraisal so a new original copy can be produced if needed in the future. Nothing is discarded so that no one can rummage through the trash cans to discover who you are and what you have.  For your security, all the appraisal work is done in my office and no part of it is done by anyone other than myself.  The appraisals that I provide are incontrovertible, follow USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) and ISV (International Valuation Standards) protocols and will hold up under any scrutiny.

A written appraisal can be done using photos that you send, much the same way as with the verbal appraisal.

Please contact us for a quote.


I am also available to travel to your location for on-site appraisals.   Please call to make arrangements.

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