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Appraisal of Navajo rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs and other area rugs


Interior Designing with Navajo Rugs, Oriental Rugs and other area rugs

We provide interior design and display advice and consultation with regard to Oriental rugs, Navajo rugs, Zapotec or Chimayo rugs as well as other area rugs.  We can advise on the type or style, coloring, design and size appropriate to your specific situation.  For general interior design services, we can refer you to a qualified interior designer to help with the selection of furniture, fabric, colors and accessories.  Please contact us if we can help in the selection of Navajo rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian Carpets, Zapotec rugs, Chimayo rugs or other area rugs and weavings to compliment your interior design scheme.


Navajo rugs

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Navajo rugs

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